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"Mariya has been teaching my 8 year old child piano for the last 20 months and I can see how his love of music keeps growing thanks to Mariya's teaching ability. She is always very reliable and is always on time and she has a lot of patience and makes her classes fun."


"Mariya has been an excellent piano teacher for our daughters. She's patient, accomodating and responsive, adapting her teaching to the changing needs of the students. She works very hard to give her students the best experience possible and it is very clear that igniting a life long love of the piano in everyone she teaches is a core value for Mariya."

Biagio Arancio

"Mariya is a great piano teacher, very kind, gentle and patient.  My son (who is 6) looks forward to his piano lessons every week and is progressing really well.  Thank you Mariya!"


"Mariya is an amazing piano teacher. Not only she teaches well and professionally , Mariya also motivates my 8 years old to practice the instrument and to love music. 

Extremely warm and understanding children with special needs, she is organised and reliable. 

We are so happy we have met Mariya!"


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